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how to maintain your car A/C blog
Latest Articles

How Can I Make My Cars Air Conditioner Colder?

By Siddharth Sharma on January 03, 2020
I am sitting here at a traffic light during summer heat and I am thinking how can I make my car AC colder? I mean, my car ac blows cool but not cold. I am sure everyone wants their car air conditioner to work at its best, especially during scorching heat.
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16 car noises you should not ignore
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16 Noises Your Car Makes That You Should Not Ignore

By HIREDPEN on January 4, 2020
Tyres treads hum against the asphalt, wind whistles as it passes around outboard mirrors, plastic bits and pieces in the dashboard generate little squeaks as they rub together and so forth.
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causes of brake failure and what to do when brake fails
Latest Article

Causes of Brake Failure And What You Should Do When Your Brakes Fail When Driving?

By Oyibo E. Moses on February 03, 2020
Brake failure in an automobile can be serious, and each year leads to hundreds of car accidents. Some of these accidents result in serious injury or death and in all likelihood could have been avoided if the driver had noticed the signs of brake failure. Let’s consider the seven most common causes of brake failure in cars today.
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how to preserve your car battery life
Latest Article

How To Increase Car Battery Life : What No One Tells You About Car Battery Life

By Tsukasa Azuma on February 20, 2020
Car batteries take an important part in car operation. The automotive battery does the job of transforming chemical energy into electrical form. It provides a significant amount of on-demand current to power up onboard electrical appliances, lights and start the engine.
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reasons why your steering shakes when driving nigeria
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Is Your Car Shaking When Driving? : Here Are Reasons That Causes A Shaking Steering Wheel

By Meghan Drummond on February 09, 2020
The two most frequent causes of a shaky steering wheel are either warped brake rotors, which will cause your steering wheel to shake when you brake, or unbalanced tires, which will cause your steering wheel to shake when driving at high speeds.
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causes car jerking while driving ladipo nigeria
Latest Article

Car Jerks When Accelerating : What Does It Mean & Solutions

By Alex Schandert on March 05, 2020
Your trusted car has started jerking when you attempt to accelerate. It might seem like a simple issue, but believe you me, it is an issue worth checking out.
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how to prepare your car before road trip
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30 Tips To Get Your Car Ready For A Road Trip

By NAPA on January 6, 2020
When getting ready to travel in our roads for either festive seasons or family visit, you should consider these following and prepare yourself for this trips
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reasons why your car refuse to start
Latest Article

10 Common Reasons Why A Car Won't Start

By JOSHUA AMELUNKE on February 05, 2020
Your Car won't start? These are the most likely reasons why. Find out which parts are making your car not start.
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Car Shuts Off While Driving causes solutions
New Arrivals

Reasons Why Your Car Shut Down While Driving Or Packed and Solutions

By Alex Schandert on March 15, 2020
Has your car been running really rough and it's shut down while driving or packed. These are the possible causes why your car goes off while driving and the solutions?
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how to remove scratches marks from your cars
Special Offers

How To Remove Scratches | Marks From A Car

By Oyibo E. Moses on January 7, 2020
Scratches in car paint can be caused by a variety of things. Car accidents, vandalism, poor parking, car bash, children playing, mechanic working on it and other parking lot mishaps. While scratches do detract from the appearance of your car, paying a body shop for a new coat of paint or even a small touch-up can be costly.
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